Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India

Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India- Digital Advertising has permanently changed the way companies attract customers and make money. If you are considering hiring an online marketing company to help you grow your brand picture, search rankings, or control your social media presence, position your company in, we are here to help.

Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India

Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India

To help you with your search partner, we have compiled this list of the top digital advertising companies in India. I am looking for explanations, feedback, and awards to find out which ones best fit your company’s needs.

Here are The Best Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India

Online Digital Advertising

1st of out of Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India


Oxedent is a Digital Advertising organization situated in Kolkata, India, with extra places in Stockport, United Kingdom. Founded in 2017, the company has six employees. Oxedent focuses exclusively on its efforts for PPC services and small to medium enterprise management. Oxedent provided social media management services and PPC services at the start of EduTech. They were responsible for managing the Google Ads Account Account and using social media marketing strategies.

Contact Details of Oxedent

Business Phone Number- 033 4068 7182

Address: Unit number 605, 10, DN Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Online Digital Marketing

2nd out of Best Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India


Uplers is a Sydney-based company focused on web development, SEO, PPC, and digital strategy. With additional locations in San Diego, Amsterdam, and Ahmedabad, India, their team of about 500 employees work for firms of all sizes. They were established in 2012. Uplers provides software development services to a commercial company. The team was efficient for the frontend community, using HTML, CSS, and WordPress. Their work has helped put the project back on track.

Contact Details of Uplers

Business Phone Number- 079 4032 4566

Address: Near Kalasagar Mall, Sattadhar Cross Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380061

Online Digital Advertising

3rd out of Best Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India


IndeedSeo is Digital Advertising business based in SAS Nagar, India. Founded in 2012, IndeedSeo trains about 15 professionals as it appears to offer SEO services, as well as social relationships and content advertising skills, in its small business, market, and customer alike. IndeedSeo has created an SEO campaign with Google AdWords to improve traffic. They have made a list of 30 keywords, most of which are listed on the top 5 pages, and many on the first page.

Contact Details of IndeedSeo

Address: F-34, Second Floor, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071

Online Digital Marketing

4th out of Best Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India

SeoValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2000, SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a connected commercial organization. SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is located in Bhopal, India. With a group of around 70, SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd focuses on SEO, social media marketing, PPC, digital strategies, and optimization.

The artist wanted to enhance his appearance and reputation in the area. SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has developed and implemented an SEO strategy that focuses on link-building campaigns.

Contact Details of SeoVally Solutions Ptv. Ltd.

Business Phone Number- 0755 668 0121

Address: 210 A, 2 Floor, Corporate Zone, C21 Mall, Hoshangabad Road, Misrod, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462026

Online Digital Advertising

5th out of  Best Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India

Dot Com Infoway

Focused on mobile app marketing, development, and web and digital marketing solutions, Dot Com Infoway was founded in 2000 in Madurai, India. They also have offices in Australia the United States. Their team of over 200 has 19 years of industry experience in IT and provides development and marketing solutions in both web and mobile platforms, such as app marketing, social media marketing, PPC marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, and

Dot Com Infoway was hired by a comprehensive platform for fitness enthusiasts to collaborate, share information, pursue personal performance, set strength goals and stay motivated by sharing exercise photos. Dot Com Infoway markets and marks all aspects of the app. Dot Com Infoway has been instrumental in spreading the app to more people through end-to-end marketing campaigns that included ASO implementation, keyword analysis, multi-channel strategies, country identification, A / B creative asset testing, KPI-based campaigns. As a result, significant record growth and success.

Contact Details of Dot Com Infoway:

Business Phone- +91-9500988980 (WhatsApp)

Address: Plot No 3, Vaigai Colony I Floor, Anna Nagar, Madurai
Tamil Nadu – 625020 India.


Online Digital Marketing

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital Advertising refers to all forms of communication by a company to advertise and advertise its product, product, or service using various platforms and digital channels. Therefore, it contains actions in web browsers, social media pages, blogs, applications, or other forms of Internet communication. With the digital revolution, more and more options are emerging for companies to connect with the market, too, and their audience.

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In this way, everything set up using digital platforms and sponsorships can be considered as digital advertising. The main goal is to be exactly where the community is. Digital advertising is a process of migration and corporate alignment about the movements made by the general public. After all, when 4.18 billion people use their smartphones to connect to the Internet, their business also needs to be on the channel, reinforcing its value and brand awareness.

Benefits of Digital Advertising

1. Find Product Reliability

If any type of product is to be trusted quickly and sustainably, it will be online. Content marketing studies show that digital models often end up being more reliable. With its content, a company can address customer doubts, clarify key concepts, and show that it understands what drives its market. Useful and attractive content helps a company gain the trust of its customers, as well as that of industry experts. It can work to the point where competitors begin to redefine their content.

But how do you know if your product has gained credibility? Yes, one thing you should look for is its position on the search engine results pages (SERPs). You are a target market if you rank high on Google, for example. This draws in more partners to your business and fabricates trust in what you produce. After all, it is only natural to rely on professional industry leaders, right? Blogging is one of the ways you can develop your own technology. Consumers want high-quality content that addresses their challenges and questions. Your company’s news professionals have a much-needed and shared understanding of your target market. According to HubSpot, blogging companies generate more than 67% revenue and It takes five to seven appearances for people to remember the brand

2. Identify the Right Audience

It is now easier than ever in the audience categories because many digital marketing platforms allow you to target specific audiences. We have access to online tools that keep track of personal online activities and personal information. Digital marketers can use this data to provide users with specific products or services that they may be interested in. For example, if a visitor clicks an ad for a product display, either on social media or by a search engine, the product can target that visitor with the following and related ads. When visitor’s content is based on their interests and online behaviour, it creates positive reinforcement and makes shopping easier and more satisfying.

You can also target your audience with content and offers based on what category of shopping trip they are in. For example, email marketing can be used to pay attention until they are ready to buy. Maybe they subscribed to your blog and opened your blog update emails consistently. After a few months, they visit your home for me and use the web pages. In the meantime, you know how to send them a special email with a special offer. They click on the offer and submit a rating request. Sophisticated digital marketing tools make this possible. Let me tell you how it works: when a user completes an online form, he or she provides personal information. Most web pages contain cookies that track user activity on the page. This is the data by which companies or digital marketers analyze and develop appropriate strategies for different types of audiences.

3. Involve the Customer in all stages of the purchase

Before digital marketing became popular, not many people talked about customer travel, especially because it was difficult to understand and analyze. More often than not, the customer would go to a real store after seeing an ad on TV or in a newspaper, make a decision, and pay for the product or service inside the store. However, in digital marketing, we can track every step a customer takes, usually from the moment they are prompted to find a solution or product.

Nowadays, it is common for a consumer to see an ad online, search and compare prices on different websites, and then go to a store to try a product or shop at an online store. Mobile applications provide consumers with offers and coupons, customer support, and comparison tools, which enhance our understanding of the shopping process. With digital marketing, the marketer can follow the entire customer shopping journey.

4. Accurately Measure All Outcomes

With disconnected advertising, it is hard to quantify the aftereffects of your showcasing efforts. For example, if you place an ad in a newspaper and on a bulletin board at the same time, you may not know exactly how many people viewed the newspaper ad or how many people watched the ad. What can be most troubling is knowing which ad works best and which ad you will invest in.

However, digital marketing has no such problems. In fact, with digital marketing, you can measure everything worth measuring. Since then the ad is clicked when the visitor leaves the page. Everything! You can determine how many people saw your ad, how many sales appeared in this ad, and ultimately, your return on investment (ROI). Data analytics software (such as Google Analytics) and social networking networks or ad platforms (such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads) metrics make this testing or rating possible.

However, you must prioritize the most important data because there are so many traceable metrics. This important data is called key performance indicator

  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Customer lifetime value (CLTV)

5.  Generate a Consistent Lead Pipeline

Creating your own “sales line” ultimately is a major marketing goal. A sales channel is basically a system for generating consistent revenue and sales from traffic. In other words, to convert traffic into product lovers. The function of the funnel is to distinguish “window buyers” from real buyers. It can also help improve customer mobility, based on the Taboola study.

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The online marketing panel is specifically designed to generate consistent leads. For example, before creating an online sales funnel, a betting company relies on its boards and location to produce entry leads for its products and services. Now, the company is using digital offerings to build a consistent lead pipeline.

Whenever someone puts his first deposit or stake, they are given a free cash slip. The promo is only available on the company’s website and users must sign up to use the offer. In this way, the betting company produces leadership in a more organized and unpredictable manner. As a bonus, because customers had to enter their email to receive a gift, the business could always contact the customer through email advertising.

Why is Digital Advertising important?

Digital advertising creates powerful opportunities to tell product stories on a scale and context. With ads on various devices and channels, marketers can reach a larger audience in a more real-time and more personalized way. Three Reasons for Digital Focus There are three reasons why digital advertising is so important in today’s high-tech, multi-client channels:

1. Your Customers Stay Digital Channels

Your customers spend a lot of time online. Gone are the days when newspapers and magazines dominated your consumer’s attention. We stand firm in the digital age. In fact, a recent study by Media Dynamics states that since 1985 the use of digital media for adults has grown by 40% to 9.8 hours a day in 2014. A similar 2014 study by Nielsen found that the average American spends 11 hours a day on digital media – which was defined as TV, radio, internet, smartphone, gaming consoles, and many other media devices.

Since your customers are constantly changing channels and devices, how can you reach them? Digital advertising is a great way for your product to live on all channels.

2. Advertisers Have Great Identity Skills

When you place an ad in a magazine you have very little control, if any, over who you see and contact. With today’s advances in digital advertising, marketers can now target specific audiences who are likely to buy your product. By combining the power of automated marketing with an advertising network or platform, you can avoid sending messages to people who are not well suited to your product or service. The targeting of your ads on digital media is not limited to the demographic or firmographic features of your audience. You can also send messages specially designed to meet your audience as individuals, depending on who they are and what they do.

3. Availability of Customer Objective Information Provides Personalized and Informal Discussion

With today’s marketing tools and marketing power, there is a lot of information available about your customers. By using the latest and greatest tools, such as Marketo’s Ad Bridge, you can use customer profiles and objective data from many different channels to have a single seamless customer perspective. You can customize your ads based on where that person is from their behaviour, demographics, where they are in the shopping cycle, their level of engagement with your product, and the content or offers they have seen. With this advanced customization, you can have the most relevant conversations with consumers across all channels – a sacred base for advertisers!

4. Today’s world of noisy consumer

Well, where people go, so traders go. Advertisers have found ways to advertise and post their messages on as many digital channels as possible. All of this leads to the attack on consumer-oriented ads on digital media.

In fact, according to the Media Dynamics Study, the average adult is exposed to 5,000+ products and their ads throughout the day. How many of these ads? 362. And how many of these ads actually appear? 12. Obviously, it is a challenge to attract the attention of the consumer. In today’s noisy, carefree world, your audience will not be able to pay attention to just one tone in each sign. In fact, most of the information available equates to a lack of attention and a great need for value – so how can your brand get into all that noise and become one of the 12 ads that actually make your audience watch?

Your most relevant, interesting, engaging, and engaging ads are more likely to be seen and shared with your favourite viewers. With active digital advertising, you can listen to the behaviour of your audience and respond with relevant content. As you look at the journey your customer is taking, digital marketing is an integral part of that journey – so it’s important to incorporate a variety of digital marketing strategies into your entire marketing strategy. Proper digital advertising helps to grow your customers into customers – allowing you to continue personal conversations on all channels. However, digital advertising is changing rapidly, and as a retailer, you have to keep up. The availability of online communication in today’s culture shows why digital advertising has been and will continue to be, very important to advertisers. Marketing through these ad channels is the key to unlocking the potential of a larger, growing, and captivated audience.

The scope of Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is the key to capturing much-needed work. Recognizing the importance of digital advertising, products work best to focus on digital marketing, which is why the much-needed digital marketing skills expand their scope in the market space. High pay and multiple job selection are important benefits of having a digital marketing job. Apart from this, there is a wide range of digital marketing as promoting and doing business through the digital media sector is a fast and reliable way to advertise to attract a wider audience.

The impressive growth in the number of Digital Advertising Training Centers across the country is ample evidence of the prospects for the industry. This is a gathering point for students who want to be professionally led to shaping their careers in digital marketing. Now let’s take a look at the scales associated with digital marketing.

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The digital advertising industry celebrates a very open culture. With skills and knowledge development tools, empiricism holds a large part and pressures you to be the next level of entrepreneur. There are umpteen small branches within the digital marketing field such as SEO analyst, social media manager, online management manager, digital marketing manager, PPC expert, and so on. So is the width of the pay package.

Highly-paid profile

Digital advertising activity is one of the highest-paid job profiles. According to Google, the average national salary of a senior digital marketing manager is $ 95,415 and that in India it is Rs 447, 346.

Why Choose Digital Advertising?

It’s time to join the big league and go digital! Digital marketing is now a new trend – it is a fast-growing marketing channel with no signs of slowing down, according to Strategy Analytics. In fact, many companies have spent more money on digital advertising in 2015 than they did in 2014, and are planning to increase spending in 2016. This should not surprise us – marketing has always had three things: location, location, location. And today, your target market is heavily connected to the internet. Advertisers focus more on meeting people there, and it works well for them and their customers.

The digital market has put a lot of purchasing power into the hands of consumers and consumers, forcing more retailers to find creativity, authenticity and more help. Consumers today jump from station to station, without seamstress all day and more so those digital channels. Today, the average consumer researches products, solutions and companies before buying. Digital technology gives marketers a wide range of new tools, allowing them to focus more and strategically. Digital advertising only makes sense if you want to get your message, campaign, or promotion in front of your audience.

Digital advertising has a lot to offer today’s marketers. Here are seven things we have learned about digital advertising, especially for major brands:

1. Digital Advertising aims

What if each ad you create is always seen only with relevant opportunities and targeted audience members? Sterling Cooper could have made you a partner at any time with that kind of guarantee, but today this has become the norm. Traditional advertising beats or misses, but digital platforms change the game. SEO and PPC can put your brand name and your content marketing in front of customers at all stages of the shopping cycle. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn offer flexible ad options that allow you to categorize by location, demographics, interests, and more.

Finally, as many forms of digital advertising “come in” —from customers who follow your blog and social media accounts to those who receive your emails – you know that your reach is to people who are going to search for your information.

2. Digital Advertising Invites Mobile Engagement

Digital and mobile marketing are compatible. Digital advertising provides you to reach your viewers on the go, wherever you are, whenever they are online. It’s a great place to reach Gen Z and Millennial customers. According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), cell phones are a place where Gen Z and Millennials can see relevant ads. Best of all, almost half of all regular smartphone users take action by seeing relevant ads on their mobile phones.

In fact, mobile advertising can be more effective than desktop. AdRoll’s “Facebook by the Numbers” report found that the click-through rate for Facebook News Feed ads is usually 10% higher on mobile than desktop and generates costs per click which are 61% lower than on desktop. The best part is that this doesn’t mean you need another unique campaign. Responsive design is a digital architecture that automatically updates the content of any viewed device. You can start to increase mobile engagement by making sure your emails, landing pages, and content pieces translate smoothly from desktop to smartphone.

3. Digital Advertising Quickly Goes To Market

Market conditions and styles change rapidly, and that requires futile marketing. Leading times for traditional advertising were similar in the 1990s. During the time it takes to create an ad, at the leading times needed to buy time or space, your message and your budget suffer from being locked into a design done months before you see the light of day.

Digital campaigns can be done very quickly and can be switched on the plane if needed. Consider that as recently as April, Subway was launching a new advertising campaign with its longtime spokesman, Jared. After the embarrassment this summer led to his arrest, Swayway was unable to distance himself from his pitchman very quickly. Whether you’re trying to spend money on news or distance yourself from them, big products are wise to keep pivot power as much as possible.

This ability to adapt also works well when you consider budget fluctuations. Companies with an unexpectedly lower quarter can reduce without receiving cancellation fees, and those with an unexpected windfall can hold their purchasing power easily.


The above list of Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in India has been compiled by us. Although every step has been chosen to list your details, we still advise you to contact the office. This list will help you with the names of the Top 5 Digital Advertising Companies in  India. We will guide you not to make any decision based on this list. You need to talk to some counselors and decide for yourself – which one you will most like.

If you think we have left any of the Digital Advertising Companies in India. Please tell us about it. We were certain it would be fun to list it. If you want any of the above Companies to be removed from the list due to a bad experience. However, the decision to add or remove entries is up to you. And to think so is to follow the right method




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