Top 5 Facebook Marketing Companies in India- If you’re a brand wanting to thrive on social media, mastering Facebook marketing is going to be key. More than 2.8 billion people use the program every single month. That’s a lot of possible eyeballs on your business. Because here’s the thing about Facebook: while you might think it’s just a place where your aunt can leave hidden comments on your vacation pics, it’s also a place for viewers to connect with businesses big and small.

In fact, two-thirds of Facebook users arrive attending a local business Facebook Page at least once a week. This digital marketplace is downright bustling if it’s not too bold of us to say. That’s right: the people are watching for you! But if you want to tap into this audience, you can’t just rely on luck. A focused Facebook marketing strategy is necessary. Keep that eye on the title (and off your aunt’s comments). Ready to understand the fine art of Facebook marketing? Here’s everything you need to know in the year ahead.

Here are the Best Top 5 Facebook Marketing Companies in India

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1st out of Best Top 5 Facebook Marketing Companies in India


Social Cubicle is a communications marketing company based in Mohali, India. Founded in 2017, Social Cubicle and its team of about 10 employees provide not only marketing communications services, but also expertise in digital planning, transformation, content marketing, and image creation.
Sub Cubicle manages social media marketing through a food and tourism website. Social Cubicle builds the social channels needed for organic growth and access and enhanced those content profiles. Their work has resulted in Facebook followers rising to 12,000, Pinterest followers to 14,260, and Instagram followers to 20,000.

Contact Details:

Business Phone Number:  085449 73165

Address: D-151, 1st Floor, Suite – 1, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India

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2nd out of Best Top 5 Facebook Marketing Companies in India


ROI Minds is a digital marketing company based in Mohali, India. The company was founded in 2017 and has a team of 16 people focused on PPC, social media marketing, and SEO. They focus on Facebook and Instagram advertising.
ROI Minds makes SEO and an e-commerce company an advertising campaign. The client wants to upgrade their site; ROI Minds enables SEO and manages Google AdWords client campaigns. The client highly commends the company, and they are happy with the results of their work.

Contact Details:

Business Phone Number: 099928 19636

Address: 4th Floor, D190, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055, India

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3rd out of Best Top 5 Facebook Marketing Companies in India


Since its inception in 2014, Globe Solutions has provided web development, design, and digital services to customers worldwide from its headquarters in Jaipur, India. The 50-250 staff team is focused on providing social media marketing, PPC, and SEO.
The iGlobe Solutions team provides web development and digital marketing to a tourism company. Their work has allowed the client to increase their online presence and present the highest quality faces to their customers. The client was impressed with their ability to do the job.

Contact Details:

Business Phone Number: 063760 11249

Address: Address: Krishna Enclave, Plot No: 3-4, Patrakar Colony Rd, near The Narayana School, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302020, India

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4th out of Best Top 5 Facebook Marketing Companies in India


SGK is a London-based international packaging and products company with offices in Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, and Chennai, India. The company, founded in 1953, has more than 5,800 employees and offers content advertising, branding, email marketing, marketing and event planning, packaging design, social media marketing, and video production services. SGK works with medium and other companies that manufacture consumer goods and services, retail, financial services, and the medical sector.
The food and beverage company hired SGK to do the packing and construction work. SGK performs prototyping, provides strategies and insights, as well as structured concepts. They also work with the company’s internal teams to explore various packaging ideas that can delight consumers and improve consumer knowledge. SGK has been meeting the company’s expectations for this ongoing relationship.

Contact Details:

Business Phone Number: 0674 297 5111

Address:  Oriental Bank Building, 2nd Floor, Bomikhal, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751010, India

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5th out of Best Top 5 Facebook Marketing Companies in India


Netsmartz LLC is a complete IT company with 457 employees, founded in 1999. Their headquarters are in Rochester, NY, with several locations around the world: Oslo, Norway, Mississauga, Canada, Chandigarh, India, Singapore, and Boston. They offer a variety of services including custom software, mobile app, and e-commerce development. They work for medium-sized clients in many industries: retail, transportation, health, IT, and more.
Netsmartz LLC has created documents and customized the low-end retailer ordering process. The client wanted to speed up the order processing. They have updated the inventory and corrected the error with critical issues. The client is happy with its unique results.

Contact Details:

Business Phone Number: 0172 505 5200

Address: Plot No. 10, Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Chandigarh, 16010, India

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What is Facebook Marketing?

From a simple social networking website used by college students to one of the major marketing, media, and technology platforms, Facebook has changed dramatically over the years. Although Facebook has recently been embroiled in a number of scandals, it does not seem to be affecting its users. Despite rumors of security concerns, Facebook users are always on the same page as before. In fact, the total number of users working on Facebook seems to be increasing more than ever before.

Therefore, it is safe to say that marketing on Facebook is equivalent to advertising on the world’s largest online channel. You quickly reach a large audience base at affordable prices. In this guide, we will discuss how you can use Facebook marketing to promote your product, improve your audience base, and increase brand awareness. Get in and check out that Facebook marketing can be your perfect marketing strategy.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

1. Content promotion

The promotion of Facebook ads is not limited to products and services – you can promote your content there as well. By investing in the content you write, you can earn hundreds, or even thousands, of more eye-catching works than you can naturally do. These ideas can make the goals you set with your content plan work. When it comes to choosing which posts to promote, you might be tempted to look for the ones that are bad enough to get the most out of ideas. However, Facebook’s advertising algorithm rewards the most engaging content, so pushing your most popular work will cause your posts to see more engagement.

An easy way to promote your content is to enlarge posts. This is a quick and inexpensive way to build a conversation with your audience on Facebook. Much social media management software, such as Hootsuite, allows you to maximize posts directly from its dashboard, so combining tools like these with your comprehensive content plan can enhance your Facebook marketing experience.

2. Identify specific audiences

Like other PPC platforms, you can control who sees your ads. Within Facebook Business Manager, you can create an audience based on the types of people you want to see your ads in. First of all, you can set your ad based on factors such as age and gender. But you can get a lot clearer than that, which is great if you know exactly who your right customers are and aren’t. For example, you can make your ads show on the timeline for those with growing reminders, or make sure they don’t come from people who already like your Facebook page (so you don’t waste money.)

In addition, you can target people based on their location which means you can really focus on those around you, something that is very helpful if you have a physical store. You can also remove those you see very far away. With a little bit of patience, you can also get into certain areas you want to point to by going to the media circle as below. In addition, you can target your ads to people based on their interests. Facebook gets this information based on their favorite posts and the pages they follow. So, if you are using an Italian restaurant, you can point your Facebook ads to people who love pasta and cocktails. Also, this reduces the number of unscrupulous people who scroll through your ads.

3. Re-marketing

Do you ever feel like following an ad? You’ve got a brand and now your Facebook feed shows you their ads. That is called re-marketing. Facebook ads can be set to target those who have been associated with your product in some way. This may be due to a site visit, something to put in the basket, to fill out the congestion page, or simply to check our contact page. Whatever stage your customer may have reached before they leave, for whatever reason, they may be put down.

These people are better able to identify with your ads because they may simply be distracted and leave, rather than decide that your product or service is not theirs. These customers are already warm in relation to your product and are more likely to change, making your job a little easier.

4. Achieving your goals

Another advantage of Facebook advertising is that when you run your campaigns you get to choose from a variety of types. This controls certain aspects of your ads depending on whether you are trying to drive traffic to your page, sell, brand awareness, or simply get your message in front of as many people as possible. Because you can be very specific about your advertising, it is important that you know from the beginning what your purpose is and then choose accordingly. Better yet, if you are divided into a few, you can create different ad sets individually with different setups. From there, you can compare your results and see what brings the most leads.

The success of Facebook marketing is about exploring and making tweaks: you can be expected to make things right for the first time.

5. Customer support

Facebook Marketing can really help keep your customers interesting: if you don’t have a line of customer support, or interesting people calling your number, your Facebook page is a great way to connect. It allows your customers to find the information and help they need, and to see what others have to say. We found the Adzooma Community Support team on Facebook to help hundreds of our customers and help create conversations between users of the platform. A sense of community and helping to add value to our business; a Facebook page can do the same for your company.

Importance of Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the key areas where companies need to perform well in order to stay important in today’s time. Not every social media channel has the same level of importance and therefore it is essential to know which medium suits the needs of your business the most.

While choosing the right social media program for your business, you need to ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Is this the channel being used by my target audience?
  • What my TA does on this channel?
  • How can I interact with them?
  • Is this the right medium to promote/talk about my products or services?

Now, answers to the above-mentioned questions can help you know which social media channel is most relevant for your company type. In this guide, I will share the top 3 reasons why Facebook as a social media platform can be useful for your business:

1.Increase Brand Awareness & Audience:

Facebook, is the largest social media program in today’s time. Not only, it is used by people of all age groups but also, gives a deep level of segmentation to help you target your users on the basis of their demographics, interests, and behavior. Facebook, keeps renewing its algorithm to make the user encounter better and this is why it can help you reach out to the people looking for your services in a more realistic way as opposed to the other social media platforms.

Through Facebook, you can create your company’s page and post content compared to the products or services. The public reacts positively to the content which is important and gives value. It can be entertaining as well as educational. As long as it engages your audience, they will not just react (like love, anger, wow, etc.) to it but also share it with their buddies and family.

2. Drive Sales & Generate Revenue:

What makes Facebook so important is how it can help businesses make revenues without paying much. In today’s time, users look for Facebook studies and ratings more than the 3rd party websites. Sales can be increased by not just targeting the relevant audience through Facebook ads but also from different groups and pages where users post reviews and feedback.

An updated business page can make users stay connected to the page and also return to it as soon as there is a new update. This way, businesses can receive pre-orders and also, notify their users whenever any product is delivered. It is an effective way of keeping the ROI to the maximum without spending too much on the ads. Another key reason difference between Facebook and other channels is that the customer retention is more on Facebook i.e. if you run a campaign and target your relevant public and let’s assume they have never heard of you before. Not only they might buy your product but also like your page for any future updates ending in a lifelong customer and you will not need to pay any money to show them organic content in the future.

3.Connect with your audience instantly:

Social media channels have joined the gap between users and companies. Facebook provides a clean and easy-to-understand interface through which you can return back to your customer’s queries in the most active manner. It shows response timings to your customers which can build trust and credibility.

Unlike other channels, you can simply add up your customer services team for the specific part where they can respond to the queries without giving them admin rights to post any content on-page. This is required for businesses where the customer service team is working in likeness with the community management team. Users can easily share pictures or other files and don’t need to send an email to the business independently. This is an amazing way of relating with your audience. Facebook has added point of adding a messenger bot to your Facebook page which can help you react quickly.

Scope of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is an online marketing strategy that you can use to get more conversions for your business from Facebook. You can get better access to your business product using Facebook as an intermediate method. Facebook Marketing will help you target customized audiences based on your business based on several categories such as age, location, interests, etc. Comparison with Google PPC Facebook marketing allows you to target more customers to your business at a much lower cost.

In INDIA, people have started using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and more in recent days. People only use Facebook when they are free, so people tend to pay more attention to what they see on Facebook. Promoting your business product or product or service on Facebook will help you get more leads or conversions. IN INDIA, Compared to traditional marketing strategies Facebook marketing will help you get more revenue from your business.

Why Choose Facebook Marketing

Here are some reasons why you prefer Facebook marketing

1. People Spend Terrible Time on Social Media

Facebook is too big for a business of any size to ignore.
Your business needs a Facebook page. You know this – and so do 40 million other businesses. Facebook is where your future customers get involved. The average person spends 28 percent of his or her time online on social media – or 1.72 hours a day.

The average American spends about 40 minutes on Facebook – sharing content and liking things. Every minute, Facebook users love more than 4.1 million posts, posting remarks, status updates, and photos. Facebook has a huge interactive user base that spends an unreasonable time there every single day of each month.

2. Over 1 Billion Served Users

So, Facebook is a great thing, in case you haven’t heard. According to the latest figures published by Facebook, 1.55 billion people log on to Facebook every month and 1.39 billion mobile phone interviews.

In August, Mark Zuckerberg announced that his social network had delivered a huge milestone – more than 1 million users logged on to Facebook in a single day.
Do you know any more? Half a billion people only log on to Facebook via cell phones.
In this vast pool of people, there are your future customers. Many of them visit Facebook every day. You need to contact them.

3.Producing by Amazin

Facebook is more targeted than you can see.
Businesses can target users with Facebook ads by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and communication. But Facebook can also help you get ahead of certain sections, and often promote, your audience with some of the most powerful advertising options you’ve ever heard of. You can:

  • Tap on the latest shopping behavior.
  • Make art by identifying a life event.
  • Use a custom audience to take care of leadership and build trust.
  • Create an audience that looks like your references (“good looking audience”).
  • Layout identification options for getting a grimace for your target.

4. Game-Changing Buttons

As mentioned earlier, Facebook has 1.39 billion visitors to mobile phones every month and half of its billions of users only access the network via mobile. So tracking on Facebook mobile users is a great opportunity. Calls to businesses are more important than clicking on websites. That’s why Facebook Call Buttons are changing the game.

Think of Facebook mobile users. They see an ad, click on the Call Now button, and get a lead. It’s amazing. Compare this to changing the search for an older desktop. The user sees an ad, clicks on it, visits the landing page, and (other) leads are captured.

5. Tools That Make Managing Ads Very Easy

Many entrepreneurs and business owners I speak to still think that Facebook ads are “too complex.” If you are one of them, perhaps a little technology will help you to be reassured. In the previous column, I shared five essential Facebook Ads tools to easily create and manage your ads. Seriously. Same. Facebook ads can be of great benefit to all types of businesses.