Top 5 IT Consultancies in India – In recent years, India has emerged as one of the world’s leading technologies. India is considered to be the global hub of the IT services sector.

In today’s article, we will include the Top 5 IT Consultancies in India that make the country proud of the world.

Here are the best Top 5 IT Consultancies in India

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1st out of Top 5 IT Consultancies in India

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services, popularly named as TCS, is the world’s largest IT services provider. A subsidiary of Tata Group, TCS was incorporated in 1968. Today, the company generates over 70% of the revenue of Tata Sons. Not only this, but also the company is the India’s biggest Information Technology service provider by revenue. TCS has close to 400,000+ employees over 46 countries and is the largest IT recruiter in India over a decade.

Contact Details of Tata Consultancy Services

Address: TCS Main Building, DA IICT Rd, Infocity, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382421, India

Business Phone Number: 079 6170 3700

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2nd out of Top 5 IT Consultancies in India


The second-largest IT company in India is Infosys Limited that is headquartered in Bengaluru and provides consulting, services, and information technology business. The company was founded in 1981 with seven employees and today, it accommodates over 200,00 workers worldwide. It is the first Indian organisation that was listed in NASDAQ. Infosys is now highly involved in research of NextGen Technology, AI, Machine Language apart from providing software services to various domains.

Contact Details of Infosys

Address: 9th Floor, F-9,10 Tower, Landmark Plaza, Plot No. A-40A, Phase-VIII B, Quark City India Pvt. Ltd, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Industrial Area, Sector 75, Punjab, 140308, India


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3rd out of Top 5 IT Consultancies in India


One of the oldest Indian companies, Wipro was incorporated in 1945. Today, the company has an employee strength of over 160,000 in 6 continents and it is the first Indian IT company to achieve the ISO 4001 certification in 2002. The company provides information technology business, consulting, and services to the IT industry. Wipro has several key focus areas like Machine Learning, Data Science, Analytics. The company has recently largely invested in blockchain technologies.

Contact Details of Wipro

Address: Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016, India

Business Phone Number: 040 3079 7979

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4th out of Top 5 IT Consultancies in India

HCL Technologies

Founded in 1976, HCL Technologies Ltd. is headquartered in Noida, India with a worldwide workforce of 117,000+ people across 30 nations. The organization is popularly known as the IT giant in manufacturing and supplying computer equipment and servers. Also, HCL provides IT consulting services in different sectors like banking, consumer goods, automotive, and healthcare.

Contact Details of HCL Technologies

Address: HCL Technologies Ltd., Technology Hub, SEZ, Plot No. 3A, Sector 126, Noida – 201304, India


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5th out of Top 5 IT Consultancies in India

Tech Mahindra

The fifth market player in our list is Tech Mahindra which is a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group and was founded in 1986. Tech Mahindra is among the largest providers of Information Technology and offers a range of services including software, maintenance, and engineering design. The company is a proud employer of over 110,000 technologists operating in over 90 countries. Tech Mahindra was ranked among the top in the Fortune India 500 in the Indian IT Industry and globally.

Contact Details of Tech Mahindra

Address: Plot No. 23, SEZ Phase – II Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP, Kishangarh, 160101, India

Business Phone Number: 0172 666 8400

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What is IT consulting?

It is a business to provide information technology support services in terms of skills (plans, project management, business intelligence, statistics, and retention) and staff.

These services provide strategic, physical, operational, and human resource assistance in accordance with the agreement.

You may want to partner with an IT consulting service at

  • Take care of short-term skills shortages
  • Fill in the blanks created by the absence of employees
  • Find a skillset that is not available in the house
  • Get specialized technology that is only available to a specific consultant
  • You can work with the IT consulting service on an ongoing basis or on specific projects only.

For example, you want to take on projects or have special needs that do not excuse the full-time group in the house but are very important. In such cases, it makes sense to work with a consultation service.

The benefits of working with a consulting service are:

  • You just pay for the service.
  • You don’t go through the problem of negotiations, testing and hiring.
  • There is no infrastructure cost if the consultation service operates at sea.
  • You do not have to pay for employee benefits.
  • No matching taxes.
  • Cutting technology can be obtained from you for a fraction of the actual cost.
  • A great experience is available to you as your IT consulting service works with multiple clients providing a wide range of needs.

Benefits of Hiring an IT Consulting Service

Most small businesses do not have the funds to donate to a full-time IT department. Even if they did, the overhead would be so high that hiring full-time IT staff would be pointless. That’s why many small businesses are turning to managed IT management services. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “by hiring the expertise of subcontractors, private or freelance contractors, your business can grow faster without creating more.”

For small businesses, hiring an IT consulting service can have a significant financial and corporate impact on a company. From one-to-one IT technology or not to IT technology at all to an external IT consultation service, small businesses are reaping many benefits, including:

1. Financial Savings

When you use an IT consultant unlike homework, you save taxes, benefits and more that would otherwise be possible. You also save money on lost breaks, something that can be prevented or repaired very quickly by a team of experts focusing on the problem. According to Forrester Research conducted by BCM Software, “‘IT Friction’ or general IT problems for all employees cost Fortune 100 companies alone more than $ 100 billion a year.”

If you use an IT consulting service you usually have the option to pay per project or hourly. Such payment flexibility can help small businesses manage and manage costs.

2. 24/7 Availability

On the Internet, in the world of technology, there is no time to relax. Security threats and cyber attacks occur at all times during the day and night, which means businesses must remain vigilant and available in the event of an emergency. The IT consulting service assumes this responsibility by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, an IT consulting service will provide continuous monitoring that will help prevent problems before they create a risk or lead to long-term server or network downtime. A study conducted by a Dutch university showed that more than 8% of production hours were lost due to IT problems and user error.

IT service providers also repair and renew at night when employees are off work so as not to disrupt business productivity.

3. Ability to Effectively Manage Big Data

To improve customer relationships, increase sales and come up with more effective marketing campaigns, big and small businesses that turn to big data. But managing and digging through that data can be scary, not overpowering. This is where IT services come in handy.

By identifying your internal data obtained from data against external sources such as social networks, government information sources and mobile patterns to name a few, IT consultants are able to eliminate inefficiencies in your marketing and marketing efforts and improve revenue.

4. Increased safety and better-trained staff

Cyber ​​attacks and online security threats occur daily and are not discriminatory when it comes to the size of a business, industry or location. Small, medium, and large businesses all seek ways to protect themselves from cybercrime. In fact, cyber attacks on small and medium enterprises are more common than ever. By hiring an Internet-based IT consulting service you will be able to better protect your company from potential threats.

In addition, an IT consulting company can train your employees in the technology they use and how to detect and prevent cyber threats. If employees have additional questions about the technology they use or internet security, your IT coordinator is simply called.

5. Experience and Expertise

When you hire an IT consulting service you are not just hiring one person, you are hiring every company with more integrated experience than an in-house employee or IT team. A reputable IT company will employ experienced IT professionals who specialize in a wide range of IT fields. Also, the IT consulting service will be immersed in the IT world and benefit from its many industry partners. This shared information will ensure that your business stays up to date with the latest and most effective technology in the market and is up to date with trends and threats in the IT industry. Instead of being one step back, you will always go one step further. That is, as long as you choose the right IT consulting service.

How does an IT consultant help your business?

An IT consulting company can help you in many ways, but, in general, there are two outstanding ways that can help your business:

1. It helps you work and run like a big IT company without being a big IT company.
2. To help you implement an IT solution in your organization without hiring a full-time IT team.

The following are the various methods described in detail.

They have expertise in a particular niche

Most companies or service providers find their limitations by developing technology in a particular market. Instead of providing their services to all clients coming their way, they prefer to choose their relationships where they can provide the highest level of power.

For example, if you need an IT consulting service to work on a financial application development project, it would be wise to look for a consulting partner working in the financial sector specifically.

With their direct understanding and extensive experience already working in the same assignments, their knowledge of wealth is perfect.

An IT consultant team can help you decide what technology you will need for an upcoming or ongoing project.

If you need to put together a team the service can help you with finding and hiring the right talent.

They can see your problems

Sometimes, from your position, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what problems you are facing.

IT consultant to bring you an outside perspective with a new perspective.

Also, since the consulting company should already be working with businesses and organizations that are dealing with similar or similar issues (and should resolve those issues), it is best to offer you advice.

They can hold on to your industry better than you have because there may be the necessary analytical knowledge, technology, and tools to apply your metric metrics using numerical formulas, and present to you data-based analysis of what you are dealing with and how to deal with it.

They help the business become more flexible

As they say, “change is the end of existence in this world,” and there is no more reliable place than in the world of business in general and in technology in particular.

Take, for example, Microsoft, one of the largest software companies in the world. With the advent of the Internet, the company failed to adapt to this major disruption and lost its place in young people like Google and Facebook (although it is recovering now).

It also happened when the world welcomed mobile technology companies such as Apple and Samsung leading the way while Microsoft was left to play catch-up.

A good IT consulting company can help you adapt to market changes and benefit from those changes.

They can help take advantage of opportunities

An IT consultant can help you turn challenges into opportunities.

Take the same example above. The advent of the Internet and mobile technology has been a major challenge for the software manager. With the right information and analytics, the consulting company could help Microsoft submit its legacy applications and create web and mobile applications ahead of time. Of course, in the case of Microsoft, it would have been more independent but timely advice would have been helpful.

Similarly, an IT consulting company can help you identify emerging trends and transform your business processes and adjustments to market placement appropriately.

They can help set business goals

Reasons why an IT consulting company is in a better position to give you accuracy because

  • It brings an external perspective.
  • It has the necessary tools and the ability to better analyze data and styles.
  • It has already helped businesses and organizations deal with similar challenges and opportunities.
  • A consulting company, with its analytical skills, tools, and above all, experience, can help you set realistic goals.