Top 5 Logo Designing Companies in India

The logo is a visual cornerstone of a company that makes your business memorable. Having an audience-based logo is very important in the production of your company. It helps, directly and indirectly, attract new customers to your business.

Your logo acts as a personal, emotional tie between you and your customers. Professionals with the ability to design natural drawings design your logo with ingenuity and uniqueness when customers see your company as trustworthy.

Consider Nike’s swoosh, Apple Inc.’s biting apple, four colored Windows squares, or three-pointed Mercedes stars. Each of these products has a unique brand that a large percentage of people will be able to describe without seeing it.

Today we are going to ask a few graphic design companies in India that provide environmental design services to customers and help your company stand out.

Here are the Top 5 Logo designing Companies in India

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1st out of Top 5 Logo designing Companies in India


VerveLogic has been in the design business for the past five years which is why its client is growing. Provides one solution for custom logo design designs. At VerveLogic experts have a good understanding of the most important role played by a logo in building brand identity and are always eager to tackle this challenge as it brings out the best in the team.

You can create your own company identity and choose from a wide variety of Logo Designs, Business Cards Designs, Website Designs, Stationery Designs, Infographics, etc. They focus on the short of the logo design to strengthen your clients and convey the image of longing and a strong product that remembers the needs of today’s audience.

Contact details of VerveLogic

Address: 5D, Jhalana Institutional Area, Jahlana Doongri, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004

Business Phone Number:+91-96029-50795


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2nd out of Top 5 Logo designing Companies in India

360 Degree Creative

360 Degree Creative is a professional logo design company with over 18 years of expertise. They help you create beautiful Impressions first with a beautiful logo design to bring success to your product. Whether you are looking for branding services for an upcoming company or an outstanding product that helps you design attractive and unique logos. This company strives to ensure that your logo accurately conveys your business message and reflects your goals and accomplishments.

Contact details of 360 Degree Creative

Address: 104, Chetna Apts, Juhu Road, Next to Standard Chartered Bank, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054 INDIA

Business Phone Number: +91-8080-881100


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3rd out of Top 5 Logo designing Companies in India


Logopie has a team of thoughtful designers and designers who help you design a smart logo that speaks to what your product or service offers. They combine brilliant textures, dynamic nature graphics, and state-of-the-art technical skills to create the best product image that exceeds all expectations.

They create a unique logo that easily attracts the attention of your client, whenever they remember your company name. Whether you are starting a new business or you have an established firm this company can be your great partner to help you achieve what you want with the power out of a box or a unique design.

Contact details of Logopie

Address: A-153, 110024, Block A, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Business Phone Number: +91-98712-94941


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4th out of Top 5 Logo designing Companies in India


Award-winning logo and packaging construction company in India. Create logos designed to express your company’s vision through attractive graphics. They thoroughly research your company and targeted audience and make logo design decisions while presenting a logo.

Logopeople believe that a good short logo can help your clients understand your company better and a better understanding always leads to success. They offer technical brand creation services in many fields including Entertainment, E-commerce, Medicine, Fashion, Clothing, They believe that logos are not just an art but an important way to emotionally bind your customers to your company.

Contact details of Logo people

Address: 141, 9-10 Dividing Road, Pocket H, Sector 10, Faridabad, Haryana 121006

Business Phone Number: +91-98999-77006


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5th out of Top 5 Logo designing Companies in India


Niyati is a complete Indian logo design company that works with customers all over the world. He has more than 15 years of expertise and they designed logos that seem to impel with a good idea behind them. For advanced users, they also provide a logo user guide that serves as a practical guide to practical ways to use the logo effectively in various mediums, building materials, and domains.

Clients summarize their needs and the company then sends a logo design quiz to customers to find out more about their needs. Introduce approximately the first 6-7 designs and you can choose the best one that fits the role of your company.

Contact details of Niyati

Address: Karya Space78/132, 2nd Floor, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai 600004

Business Phone Number: +91-98840-82639


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Who are logo designers?

Logo designers are professional photographers who create unique and customized product images for each individual or the company that hired them. Logo makers can be freelancers, full-time workers at a design company or an advertisement agency, or work under a short contract. Many professional designers have undergraduate degrees in graphic design and may have experience in marketing and advertising.

What makes a good logo designer?

If you want to hire a logo designer, keep in mind that not all graphic designers are equipped with the same skills and design skills as a good logo. You will find that some designers are focused on making video content, while others prefer to design infographics, while others are more comfortable making print ads more appealing. A good logo designer can not only be skilled at creating a logo, but they should also have a wide variety of different skills.

Skills in which every logo designer needs to succeed

  • The power of research is excellent

Designers need to be able to immerse themselves in their customers’ industry. This could mean doing thorough research on a particular product or looking at details of how an entity provides its services. Researching the current market of customers and competitors is important in creating a brand that will make the business stand out from the crowd. The product questionnaire is a series of in-depth questions offered to the customer to help the designer know what kind of logo design they want. Where can topics come from “Is there a different story behind the title of your business or your business?” to “What is your budget?”

Making summaries can also help designers in the research phase of a logo building project. Customer inclusion often gives designers a closer look at how a business works, what makes it different, and what their goals are with their message and product brand. Designers of the best brands will meet with their clients in person for an hour or more and will come up with notes to help them make their first design generation.

  • The ability to see an image.

Novice brand designers are often overwhelmed by the need to enter with business logo details. The most talented designers, however, will be able to think logically. With question marking questions and corrective notice information ready.

The designer should edit and analyze all the information provided regarding color and font preferences, logo styles, and possible business names or slogans. to map the first drawing of the logo. To prepare for the first draft, leading designers will use color wheels, mood charts, and font libraries. No design idea should be left unread in this section.

Designers of good logos need to be able to think logically if they are going to plan. Designers need to keep in mind that clients will be using their logo in all of their marketing programs. Logos must be able to adjust to social media accounts, print advertising, websites, and promotional goods. Asking a client how they plan to market their new logo will provide a better idea of ​​what the finished logo design should look like.

  • Providing clear communication.

This is a skill that sets designers of good brands apart from the big brand designers. In addition to the ability to communicate effectively with the client about its needs and aspirations in terms of its design, the entire project can save a disaster and a fixed contract.

It’s important to be adjustable and open-minded to last-minute adjustments and requests from the client. At the same time, major logo designers should also have the confidence to inform their clients of the nuances of the design world. They should not be ashamed to explain why certain colors do not blend properly, or why the font size may not be visible enough when a logo is placed on a promotional product.

Logo designers who can best define the concept of client design, can accept constructive criticism for their work, provide smart solutions to the problem, and work to compromise on a design by those who are often the most successful logo design industry.

How does the logo design process work?

Before hiring a designer, first, ask them if they are focused on creating business logos. If they say yes, the next step would be to ask for a portfolio of their previous work. It is important to determine if their style of logo is similar to what you think your finished logo will look like.

If you want to hire a logo designer to create a logo for your new business, then keep in mind that the design process will take much longer if you make a logo using an online logo maker. However, by choosing a professional designer, you can ensure that your logo will be unique to your business. Below is a quick rundown of what to expect from the logo design process.

  •  Answer the product list of questions.

Your logo designer may send you a list of branding quizzes in your time. It is important to gather all the people who will have a say in the branding process (CEO, marketing team, investors, board of directors, etc.) to help provide answers to this question.

This will help to avoid unnecessary connections over time in the construction process. If you do not receive a product list of questions, expect to set up a conference call with the designer and come ready to answer questions about your business, your budget, and your design needs.

  •  Industrial and corporate research.

Once your logo designer has gathered enough information about your business, it will take a day or two to do their own research for your industry or company. If you have news articles, media releases, or even a Wikipedia page about your business, a designer will probably be reading these to get a better idea of ​​how your business works and what products or services you offer.

The industry research category can also have an in-depth analysis of the competition. Housing logos, for example, often have a completely different style of dining room style. Designers want to make sure your logo is acceptable and fits well with your particular industry.

  •  Give the first drawings.

After compiling the data from the marking questionnaire and research, the designer will then submit a few initial drafts and comments on their design process about each design. For example, a designer could bring a logo to a boutique clothing store. The logo can include a photo of a clothes hanger and a funny, engaging font.

Their thoughtful approach to this design choice may have been that the client said they offered high fashion for women. This is a time for you to reconfirm with your participants in the process of re-creating a new name and discuss what aspects of the projects you like and need to be deleted or improved.

  • Rework and update.

You may feel bad about telling the designer exactly what you want; The detailed feedback you provide, a few updates the designer will need to present to you because they will have a better understanding of the type of logo design you want.

Keep in mind that your designer may be limited in the number of reviews they will do for your logo, so it is very important to provide a lot of feedback in the early stages. Try to focus on color schemes, font types, logo design, and (if applicable) slogans for your business motto.

Departing the design features of your logo into these various classes will also help the designer. This review phase can take anywhere from a few days to a week or more. If time is running out, it can be very helpful to hire a logo designer who works for a design or marketing company as they will be able to pull resources within their company.

  • Submit the final draft and provide image files.

After the redesign and review phase (which may happen again and again), the logo designer will introduce you to the final design of your business logo. At this point, the designer will also introduce you to a variety of image files, including PNG, JPG, and vector or EPS files.

They will make sure to define which type of image file is better than any type of marketing step so that your branded logo looks clean and tidy in all mediums. A good designer will also provide you with a variety of image sizes that you will use for your online channels, such as your Facebook cover photo, Twitter photo, and website logo image.