Top 5 Twitter Marketing Companies in India – Twitter promotion services are the latest buzz on social media. Promoting your Business via Twitter has brought amazing results to businesses with increased traffic, product awareness, and relevant leads. BrainPulse provides Twitter personalized services to ensure a clear increase in traffic flow and product popularity for your product.

From the moment you launch your business on Twitter, we create professional advertising campaigns, monitor campaign progress, and measure ROI. About 75% of people who serve small and medium-sized businesses on Twitter are engaged in future product updates. In addition, 7 out of 10 SMB fans are likely to visit the business website and make a purchase decision. And if they’re excited about their experience with this product, they’ll also talk about it in their interactions on the platform.

Tweet to the world! In August 2012, Twitter released the power to promote your account, tweets, or headline article from beta. Since then, users have been experimenting with this new social payment option (PPC), including Smart Search. We’ve had good results in our tests and recommend that you start using Twitter ads for your business.

Here are the best Top 5 Twitter Marketing Companies in India

1st out of Top 5 Twitter Marketing Companies in India

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive is an online marketing agency that loves to use the power of the Internet to grow your business. Thrive was founded in the belief that businesses can outperform their competitors through a strong website and effective online marketing strategy. We provide professional online marketing businesses with proven results.

Our Twitter marketing clients see results such as a 500% increase in live traffic and a 300% increase in online guidelines. Web design clients have proven, beautiful, and flexible sites on any screen size. During our customer reviews, you’ll read statements such as “Within six months, Thrive’s SEO work has made our product line rank higher,” and “investing in a brand new website has paid off in 2-3 months.”

But you’ve probably heard all of this before – so what sets Thrive apart from other companies that make similar claims? The Team’s purposeful and effective focus is on two simple things: Relationships and outcomes. We see ourselves as an extension of our client group, working hard to establish collaborative but personal relationships.

Contact Details of Thrive Internet Marketing Agency:

Business Phone Number: 8527795844

Address: C-102, Sector 65 Noida Uttar Pradesh – 201301 – India

2nd out of Top 5 Twitter Marketing Companies in India

O GEN Infosystem

O GEN Infosystem is a Twitter marketing company founded in 2011 in Delhi, India. OGEN Infosystem has a team of more than 10 employees and provides web design, SEO, and Twitter marketing services – especially for small businesses, although it also collaborates with mid-market customers and businesses.

O GEN Infosystem designed and developed the consulting company’s website, which they now maintain. OGEN also provides SEO services to generate organic web traffic and build a strong customer base. The website uses PHP, HTML, and bootstrap to embed code ahead while allowing the client to easily edit the backend.

We at O GEN Infosystembelieve that, one should transform their business according to consumer need and practice, that is, grow your online business where people rely on the internet. With our online business delivery and development strategy, we make your business grow faster so you can become a Twitter market leader in the segment of your markets.

Contact Details of O GEN Infosystem:

Business Phone Number: 096549 39970

Address: 59, First Floor, Rama Road Industrial Area, Near Kirti Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi, India 110015

3rd out of Top 5 Twitter Marketing Companies in India

Orpiv Technologies

With businesses around the world regularly sending thousands of dollars to services like the Google ad name and leading generation Facebook campaigns, there are very few companies that use professional advertisers to plan their campaigns and increase return on investment.

Orpiv Technologies has been developed by a team of Twitter marketing professionals who have developed new strategies that go beyond paid search and social media marketing. We understand the high level of competition associated with any type of Facebook campaign or ad words campaign. It is our goal to help clients find the data they need to find a targeted Twitter market that they can easily access at an affordable price. We offer a unique personalized marketing strategy.

With our services, you will not have to pay for premium advertising keywords or lose a lot of dollars in your Twitter marketing budget just to compete with people in your local market or within your industry. We focus on human marketing and bringing about the next generation of man-made.

Instead of paying about five dollars for each click of your ad when you are in a big competition, we can help you connect with your potential customers more. With the amount of money it takes to order high spots in a paid search, established companies with a large marketing budget will always be successful in your niche. Local-to-person marketing gives you access to potential leads to your trusted customers and to Twitter marketing budgets that will be able to cost even the smallest business.

Instead of worrying about performance, renewing your marketing campaigns, and staying up to date with the competition, you can take a personal approach to your marketing with Orpiv Technologies. Contact us today to learn more about how you can reduce your costs by earning each with targeted advertising.

Contact Details of Orpiv Technologies:

Business Phone Number: 9797257206

Address: Ringe National Highway Baramulla Kashmir, India 193101

4th out of Top 5 Twitter Marketing Companies in India

SoftProdigy System Solutions

At SoftProdigy System Solutions, work is more than work – it’s a dream! Construction. Design. Creating code. Consultation. Think with customers and sell. Not just to do something more useful, but to try things you never imagined possible. Leading in this new era of technology and solving some of its most challenging problems.

SoftProdigy is a global market leader for IT solutions in the areas of Twitter marketing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Ecommerce Development, and Blockchain Development. SoftProdigy has been delivering timely, quality, and affordable services to customers over many business areas and geographies.

Founded in 2006, it is a strong 130+ organization that has worked for more than 250 industry leaders worldwide. With state-of-the-art technology solutions like Mailchimp, Jira, DigitalOther, Asana, Microsoft, and Mailgun, our teams put together the best business app to get the results they want! We have developed more than 500+ mobile applications, 100+ websites, and improved the online presence of many businesses with the help of our high-quality marketing services on Twitter. , Chandigarh, and Ludhiana.

Founded in 2006, SoftProdigy has about 250 employees who primarily provide small and medium-sized businesses with web development and mobile application development services, although it can also offer SEO, blockchain, and social media marketing capabilities.

SoftProdigy System Solutions provided SEO strategic assistance to increase client product availability. The SoftProdigy Twitter marketing drive served to improve client reputation after receiving negative business articles on Google’s results page. Organic marketing has increased by 180%, and social media campaigns have led to a growth of 1,100% in client access to Twitter.

Contact Details of SoftProdigy System Solutions:

Business Phone Number: 096462 23388

Address: IT C2, 3rd Floor, Dibon Building, Sector 67, Mohali IT Park, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India 160062

5th out of Top 5 Twitter Marketing Companies in India

NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd. it is head office in Helsinki (Finland), Ahmedabad, and Rajkot (Gujarat, India). Our clients and partners are spread across 100+ countries. We create disruptive products and provide solutions that help startups and businesses start their product without having to re-tire.

We help our clients create marketable products, products that are clear and target the target audience of the client and end-users before anything else. Our site focuses on ICT, Holiday rentals, tourism and hospitality, Smart Transportation, Smart Accommodation Booking, On-Demand Services, FinTech, Marketplaces, E-Commerce; Our portfolio companies are very diverse and over time we have formed and collaborated with companies in various fields such as Healthcare, FoodTech, Twitter Marketing and other innovations.

We can go into the idea of ​​making ideas and help with thinking, designing, developing and making sense. We can help identify emerging markets, build world-class MVPs or complete products and use them to ensure initial drag. Additional assistance is provided by Twitter marketing, fundraising and sponsorship, depending on qualifications and market validation.

We want to ensure that our customer companies and our business partners get the most out of our dynamic knowledge. Our goal is to partner with emerging entrepreneurs around the world to create the next big thing. Our customer companies are easily successful in getting support to move on to the growth stage. Our portfolio companies have collected more than the US $ 650 million in total revenue and accounting.

Contact Details of NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

Business Phone Number: 0281 237 8880

Address: 2nd Floor, Shivalik 5, Gondal Rd, Makkam Chowk, Udhyog Nagar Colony, Bhakti Nagar, Rajkot, Gujarat, India 360002

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Marketing Strategy is a program that concentrates on creating, publishing and sharing content for your clients, viewers and followers through social media. The purpose of this type of strategy is to attract new followers and guidelines, increase conversions, improve brand visibility, and increase sales. Twitter is a site where anything can happen. Since everything is public, products can reach any user if they send the right message with the right message, at the right time and in the right way.

However, communication seems to be a mystery to many advertisers. For the longest time, Twitter has seen user growth grow year on year. Now, over the past few years, everyone has been saying that a lot, and of course, many retailers say that you should use it to grow your brand awareness online. Should marketers still concentrate their efforts on it? Yes, with 320M + monthly users (MAU), Twitter is one of the most interesting business forums for businesses.
The Twittersphere, on the other hand, is where most of the complaints about products, products, and services occur.

For this reason, it is very easy to put products right there, especially using the appropriate hashtags. This means that anyone can share information about your product publicly and damage your reputation. But brands may not be able to have other words they speak in the public domain. For that reason, products not only need to be on Twitter but also need to understand the platform. From setting your product tone, using Twitter to help achieve your marketing goals, to protect your company’s credibility – this guide will help you with everything you need to market your business on social media.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the top platforms for keeping up with the latest trends and discussions. It helps you to find out which TV shows people are watching, what social networking challenges they are trying and more. You may already be using Twitter every day to follow your favourite products and participate in top-notch conversations.

But what about using Twitter for your marketing? Maybe you understand the benefits of Twitter but are not sure how to best use your business. In this section, we will give you a complete explanation of why Twitter is essential in business and how to make the most of it.

1. Get important customer information

Twitter sees 6,000 Tweets every second. This includes the idea of ​​how people actively use it as a platform for dialogue. And for businesses, these conversations can be an important source of customer understanding. Using Twitter can help you research the styles and topics your audience cares about so you know how to achieve them more effectively. What do people think about a particular topic or practice?

What are their needs, moods and mindsets??
Everything is available on Twitter and this information can help brands make all sorts of things from introducing new products or services to enhancing those they already have. And it’s a great place to connect with customers positively, to make your brand personal. So you can use this section to find Twitter hashtags and important conversations for your audience. The Twitter Explore page shows which topics are the best in your region.

2. Create product type and awareness

How you edit your Tweets and engage with your audience on Twitter is very effective in establishing your brand personality and growing awareness. One of the great benefits of Twitter for business is that it allows you to share information quickly and start conversations with your target audience. Next, your audience will discover your Tweets and they contain important and good content, even sharing it with their followers.

Make sure you use a tone that suits your brand voice and character. The types of conversations and topics you are interested in and the tone of your Tweets will help you attract an audience with ideas that fit your needs. If you are just starting or need a refreshing strategy, Twitter has recently launched the first worksheet for Organic Tweets to help brands establish their own tone of voice.

For example, Ben & Jerry’s may sell ice cream but he always talks about political and social issues via Twitter. It uses the platform to promote social causes that are important to this product and has therefore been able to make a significant impact on people who care about the same causes. We even did a Social Spotlight at Ben & Jerry’s for this reason. Additionally, engaging with your audience’s responses and comments also enhances your chances of appearing on non-fan feeds.

3. Deliver customer support and collect feedback

The platform makes it easy for customers to access products and offer their feedback or ask for help. Brands can then use this as an opportunity to not only collect key answers to improve their products but also to provide the support that their customers need.

Companies like Netflix have even set up a dedicated Twitter account to assist. The company provides support for this page in many languages ​​and locations around the world. These actions help increase brand awareness and brand awareness, thus proving to be a huge benefit for Twitter. The most successful products on Twitter have paid and live content. To illustrate, a fan campaign is more likely to be successful if your profile has a healthy stream of natural content. On the other hand, promoting Twitter can give it a living boost.

4. Tracking Your Industrial Styles and Looking at Your Competitors Close

Clearly, Twitter is a marketing program where the main activity is information sharing. When you do a search related to your business or industry, Twitter will provide you with a host of links to websites or blogs. In fact, this is one of the benefits of Twitter that enables you to learn about current trends in your industry.

You can research local and international styles on Twitter and access up-to-date information easily. Also, you can search to find out about your current competitors’ activities and strategies and follow up on whether their activities and strategies are successful or not. You can use this opportunity to repeat their strategies and look for opportunities to work with them.

5. Strengthen your connections with your local community

As mentioned earlier, Twitter offers beneficial opportunities globally and locally. If you have a local business or local branch, you can include this place in your tweets to be known by your followers. Also, you can share useful local information, provide solutions to local social issues and support local events or causes.

All of these efforts will inform you about your business and strengthen your connection with the local community. As a result, the Twitter thing gives your business huge profits. Businesses that successfully use Twitter as a marketing platform can improve customer purchases, better connect with customers, increase traffic to an offline store or website, follow trends and competitors and connect with the local community.

Why Twitter is Important for Marketing?

Twitter is a social media platform that offers access to millions of users. A business that considers these users as potential customers and markets to them appropriately stands to receive significant amounts of exposure. Use a platform like Twitter to give businesses a less expensive way to engage with their users.

It gives them access to a global audience while providing an opportunity to connect with customers instead of continuing to advertise products and services. When a business builds its Twitter presence, consumers can act as brand representatives. The business can monitor competitors and act quickly to address any issues that arise. Twitter is a product builder and business marketing reporter if used properly.

What are you waiting for?

Twitter is a different marketing channel with huge opportunities for brands looking for a new way to reach considered customers. It’s not yet full of business records, and it has maintained the authenticity that’s lacking on other social media sites—which has occurred in a dedicated user base that’s tired of Instagram’s thoughtful curation and Facebook’s false news.

Marketers always require to have new skills up their cover to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of Twitter Marketing. They should not miss Twitter if they want to make an impression. It’s perhaps one of the purest programs left, and the chances are wide-open to incoming brands.