So you have a marketing project or program you need to set up, but you know you can’t do it alone. You start searching the internet and asking questions from trusted contacts, looking for the right company to help. But how do you navigate a vast area of ​​competent agencies? How do you determine what is best for your organization and its goals? In this post, I will share the top 5 qualities you should look for if you want to choose a top recognition agency and have a successful project.


Some of you may wonder, why should the agency’s internal culture bother me? The answer is that you want to make sure the agency provides a place that will continue to thrive and that it will continue to retain and attract talent in the future. You want to build a lasting partnership with the agency, so you want to make sure the agency will be there in the future. Also, it has been scientifically proven that happy employees are very productive and involved, and that is obviously the kind of people you want to work on your project.

Team Dynamics

If you work with an agency, you will no doubt be meeting with salespeople, account managers, and project managers, but I suggest you try again to understand as much as possible about the strength of the team that will produce a visible solution or end product. Questions you can ask when considering a group’s strengths are:

  • What is the size of the whole company?
  • What is the proportion of people who produce work compared to those who manage the work?
  • Are their groups in-house or are they distributed in many parts of the world?
  • Will they transfer the work to another beach or sea dealer?

Digital business laptop Answers to these questions should not mean that the agency can bring about a successful project or not, but Satan is in the details. Make sure you understand how the company structure will work to support your solution and what the risks are if any. Digital business laptop You can also research each level once you understand who the people who will be producing your solution are. Also, in today’s social world, no one can hide, and you can quickly look at platforms like LinkedIn to get an idea of ​​who these people are and how honest they are as individuals. You can also see if they are working in their fields by looking for things like blog posts, personal recognition, speaking engagement, etc. Knowing that you will have a loving and loyal team working on your project should make you feel better about your chances of success.


Agency maturity is another important factor to consider. With maturity, I’m talking about how long they’ve been in business and how they’ve shown growth over the years. This explains whether the agency has it all together and has already gone through the previous difficult stages of small business. Simply put, this does not mean that a new startup agency may not be ready for your project. Some new agencies are started by trusted professionals who have learned the ropes from their days working on previous agencies. Growth is another factor to consider and the risk of choosing a company that has not yet proved itself.


Agency relationships are defined by many factors. The level of work they produce, the way they work, the list of customers they have relied on in the past, the vendors they have formed relationships with, and more. You should research and scrutinize each of these areas to find out if this agency is someone you can trust to bring success.

I would say that honesty is the sum of all the parts and not of the brightest. A company can produce high-quality workmanship and have good morals but not have a high customer list or any partnership. This situation may not be as bad as there may be a reason behind it. Ask questions and be diligent when counting the agency’s integrity and deciding whether they are right for you.

Trusted Advisor or Work Coordinator?

I believe it is always very interesting to find a partner for a long time. This type of relationship is built by an agency that you can trust to direct you to success when you compare it to a company that wants to complete a single project or project, and then move on. Another important way to find this out in your assessment process is to analyze the questions they ask. For example, if you bring a project need to a company, a company with a “task completer” mindset will assume that you have already met exactly what you need. They will focus mainly on understanding the solution you have described to balance and complete the project. Since a company that takes the mind of a “trusted advisor” will usually start a conversation by asking “why” you believe you have defined the right solution to your problem. Business Handshake A trustworthy consultant will not be afraid to speak up and say that you as a customer think that it will solve the problem may not be the most desirable solution and that there is a better solution possible.

Business Handshake Another way to explain this concept is that a company that is a trusted advisor will show genuine interest in your success. While the “task completer” company is very concerned about getting a job and getting paid. Last of all comes with a lot of risk as the solution will always be poor visibility. You can request a “task completer” if they can build a website for you. And then once they’ve built it, you’ll actually have a website, but it may not meet your general goals. For example, users find it difficult to use the site, search engines cannot find it, site performance fails, etc. Did they finish the job of building the website? Yes. Have they helped you to succeed and solve a business problem? Probably not.

Rate and consider these five very important qualities when looking to hire a digital agency, and you will likely find another loyal partner in your projects regardless of size and length.