Whether you have been in business for a few years or just started your latest business, finding customers is an important part of success. This may sound like a frustrating place to be because with so many people out there and so many ways to go, where to start? In addition, how can small businesses with limited resources get new customers?

Even in more established businesses, customer releases and growth require new acquisition strategies over time. The question for anyone in this position is always: Where do businesses find new customers?

Work through this list to explore different strategies and see what works for your business. There is no one size fits all customer acquisition solution because funnels are different for all different products or services. By building high-quality products, promoting strong relationships with existing customers, and continuing to produce relevant online content, you increase your chances of attracting new leads every day.

Market Research and Definition

Market research helps to define the need and customer base of an existing product or service. Business owners can start by reading data from existing surveys and population reports and can expand their research and conduct surveys in their desired markets. If you have online platforms or email marketing lists, these can be good places to start getting high-quality information from previous or existing customers.

Markets and customer needs may change over time, so this is a good time to redefine your target audience and consumer personas.

Be specific about your competition

As you define your target audience, see what your competition is doing. Ask yourself questions, including:

  • How do our products/services differ?
  • Why would anyone choose my product/service over his or her own?
  • What kind of messages do they use online? How is this different from mine?

We will delve deeper into competitive research over time, but in the meantime be aware of how your offerings differ. This can give you some idea of ​​the type of information you should share, and how you can differentiate it from any competition.

Be Proud of Your Benefits

When did you last ask your audience to buy your product or service? Have you recently talked about your contribution to market areas for your audience?

You know about the messages and the benefits of what you offer within your business. For that reason, you might like the idea that others can see what you’re selling. This is a bias error that can be very dangerous in your marketing strategies and marketing strategies because you forgot to go back to basics. Potential buyers will not buy something if they do not understand it. Spend some time bragging about what you donate and ask for a sale. Sometimes, that is all you need to do to awaken the audience.

Please note, that when I say brag here I mean you have to inform the audience tactfully. You love your product (and it should be so), so share what makes you special without offending your audience by having too much ego.

Be prepared

Older blog posts or older content can damage your domain authority and hit rate, which can lead to reduced traffic from search engines. The content level changes, we learn and improve over time so that your old content may not meet the standard you currently expect in your work. After all, Facebook photos that seemed cool a few years ago can make you feel embarrassed now.

To increase the quality of your online presence, take the time to clean it up and refine your content. Use tools like Moz for keyword research and HubSpot to add calls to key locations on your site.

Doing these steps can help increase traffic to the improved pages on your site and bring new potential clients to your door!


Building valuable partnerships for your industry and community can be a great way to create new leads and increase sales. Think about services or products that fit your needs, or ways of working in your community. Sponsoring an industry-leading event or creating an opportunity to exchange blogs on a different site will attract more interest in your business.

Consider donating money to a local nonprofit organization or arranging for a public fundraiser to make a difference where you live. Not only will you benefit from securities in the media, but you will also create a lasting image for the people whose lives are affected by your efforts. Alternatively, create an online offer with similar businesses that can cross-generate your products to a larger audience.


Advertising in the space provided to your target audience is a great way to attract new clients. This is a proposal that is a more straightforward way to increase sales, but it is also a very expensive way. If you have very low customer acquisition costs or are returning from your ad investment, investing more money in the ad can benefit your business.

However, Google, social media, and other PPC platforms give you control and flexibility by targeting and can help you identify potential buyers online.

Re-marketing and communication

The most valuable customer is the one you already have. Now read that again.

Re-marketing and retention are very important because you are talking directly to people who have bought from you before, so you know that your audience is good. The important thing here is to show the continued benefits of your product/service so that they do not buy from someone else in the future. Retention can be promoted through email marketing, value-added online marketing, or a high-end customer service experience.

Asking for reviews from past customers is also very important, so make sure you always follow anyone who has bought from you before.

Creating a compliance plan allows customers to share their knowledge and benefit from the sales that are being made where they come from. Parallel programs can be as simple as providing a coupon code to the transferor or providing separate affiliate links to generate a refund program.


Beginners and small business owners tend to wear a lot of hats but having a team of digital marketing professionals with you can be a very important (self-governing) tool. At Bit-Wizards, our friendly Digital Marketing team has successfully and consistently limited accessibility for all of our clients.