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Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali – The Pearson Language Test is a unit of the Pearson  Group, dedicated to assessing and verifying the English language use of non-native English speakers. Tests include the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, the PTE General (basically known as the London Test of English) and the PTE Young Learners. These are scenario-based exams, of equal, and administered in collaboration with Edexcel, the world’s largest investigative body.

Here are the Best Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

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1st Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali


It is the best platform to check good results in Pearson Test (PTE) of English. They are a group of exceptionally committed and self-motivated experts who have an unwavering duty to provide the students with the best PTE Coaching in Mohali which empowers them to fulfill their objectives. The students are provided with a real exam-like experience to ensure that they are prepared to take the online test. Students are given the freedom to join a batch as per their convenience of the time.

Contact Details of  ThinkEnglish

Address: S.C.O. 113, First Floor, Phase-11  ,Sector- 65, Mohali.

Business Phone Number: 95777-05000


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2nd Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

Touchstone Institute

The best thing about this PTE coaching institute in Mohali is that every Saturday, mock tests are held in an environment that is similar to real PTE exam.

Touchstone is a group of self- motivated, exceptionally devoted experts with a determined spotlight on engaging our students with the best PTE training in Mohali that empower them to accomplish their objectives.

Mission of this PTE institute is to cultivate the achievement of students by building worldwide standard capacities of English correspondence, bringing about self-satisfaction and intensity in an inexorably worldwide society.

Contact Details of  Touchstone Institute

Address: SCF 94 Level 2, Phase 3B2, Mohali. Punjab, India

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3rd Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

Grey Matters

Gray Matters is one of the oldest institutes for English language courses in Chandigarh. They have experienced trainers and good infrastructure. Small batches, well equipped laboratories and flexible timings are another plus point for enrollment in PTE at Gray Matters, Mohali

Contact Details of  Grey Matters

Address: SCO: 89, Near KFC, Phase 3B2, Mohali, Punjab, India

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4th Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

British Career Group

This institute is one of the best centers for PTE coaching in Mohali, mainly because it emphasizes on all PTE based tasks like grammar, rhythm, tone and correct speech. The modules of the test are given individually and then the test is combined as a whole. Students will also have to solve online mock test series to get the proper experience of the exam.

Contact Details of  British Career Group

Address: SCF – 54, 2nd Floor, Sector 61, Mohali, Punjab, India

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5th Out of the Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

New Cambridge College

New Cambridge College is the safe harbor for all the students who are looking for the best GRE Coaching in Chandigarh, GMAT Preparation, SAT Classes, IELTS Coaching, TOEFL Coaching, PTE Classes and even Spoken English in Chandigarh. are trapped. Classes in Chandigarh. Situated at prime location of Sector 17 in Chandigarh, New Cambridge College is home to the most expedient and most professional instructors whose ultimate aim is to make the training modules understandable and clear for any average student. Our state-of-the-art study material is designed to ensure that appropriate study notes, abundant practice tests and questions are provided to every candidate. Our exclusive mock test series for each course is designed to make the students highly familiar with the final exam pattern. We also respect the value of the investment made by each candidate; Therefore, we offer special and exclusive booking discounts on most trial bookings. Our free consultation with the best counselors aims to help all the confused souls choose the right path. We have exclusive IELTS coaching, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE and Spoken English batches for professionals working in Chandigarh.

Contact Details of  New Cambridge College

Address: SCO: 80-81-82, Top Floor, Sector 17-D, Chandigarh, Mohali, Punjab, India

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What is PTE?

The Pearson Test of English Academics (PTE Academic) is the world’s leading computer-based English language test, trusted by universities, colleges and governments around the world. It provides the fastest, fair and most flexible way for person to prove their English language proficiency for study or work abroad or immigration purposes.

PTE Academic is accepted for study applications by thousands of academic programs around the world and is approved by the Australian, UK and New Zealand governments for all student visa and migration applications. Worldwide, institutions in many popular destinations are increasing their accreditation of PTE academics, expanding study abroad opportunities.

Why take PTE Academic Exam?

The PTE Academic is a computer-based English language test for non-native English speakers who want to study abroad. It tests the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of the candidates. The test is designed in such a way that each question typically tests 2 skills simultaneously, such as reading and speaking or listening and reading.

Advantages of PTE

PTE is a premier exam conducted online with acceptance globally. The exam has 4 sections as reading, writing, listening and speaking. It is mandatory to answer the questions given in all sections. The test was conducted online in a single sitting for three hours.

Global Acceptance

The PTE score is accepted and recognized by over 6000 organizations around the world. These organizations include educational institutions, immigration agencies, governments, and employers. Hence, it is an ideal option for students to earn English proficiency certificate for various purposes.

Quick Exam Results

The PTE exam has set a world record in 2013 to deliver more than 70 percent test results within three days. Usually, PTE provides the score within five business days of the exam date. Hence, PTE is an excellent option for students to apply for admission in foreign universities to avoid waiting for results.

Fair Scoring

Automated software is used to check the answers of the candidates. No human interference is allowed in the examination or checking of grading. Hence there is no possibility of bias or bias in the examination.

No Ambiguous Questions

PTE exam consists of 20 question format which includes multiple choice, description of images, paraphrasing, short questions, essay writing etc. Unlike IELTS, there is no ambiguity in this exam.

Contain Real life Questions

In the PTE exam, questions are set from the spoken English language or used in daily life and academics, rather than the local found in other exams.

Perfect English assessment test

It is a test that fully assesses the grip of the examinees over the English language. It checks fluency in speaking, writing, reading and even assessing listening skills in the exam.

Transparent Marking System

Marking is given in the test by intelligent machines programmed to give marks that analyze the answer. This helps to get a reliable and fair score which is often seen with human checkers.

Test Scores are Accepted Globally

The PTE exam scores are accepted by over 6000 organizations globally, and this number continues to grow. Examiners can find flexible dates throughout the year at all authorized PTE exam centers spread over 50 countries around the world.

PTE – Exam Format

The PTE exam format is designed to assess the speaking, writing, listening and reading skills of the candidates in the English language. The PTE exam consists of three main parts – Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening, which the candidates need to complete in 3 hours with a 10-minute break that alternates between the reading and listening parts. Various questions are asked in PTE exam from multiple choice, essay writing to information of interpretation. Given below is the detailed PTE Exam Pattern.

Speaking & Writing

This section tests a candidate spoken English as well as English writing skills in an academic environment. Candidates need to use correct grammar and spelling while writing the answers to the given questions. This part of PTE Academic Exam is divided into several smaller sections as mentioned in the above table. Candidates are given 77 to 93 minutes to complete the Speaking and Writing section.


This section assesses the reading skills of the candidates with a set of different questions such as multiple choice, rearranging paragraphs and filling in the blanks. The Reading section of the Pearson Test of English is 32 to 41 minutes long and evaluates a candidate’s understanding of written information in the English language. Candidates are advised to read the questions carefully and answer accordingly.


Listening is the last section of the PTE exam. Divided into various smaller parts, this section tests the candidate’s ability to understand spoken English. The questions covered in this section are based on an audio or video clip played only once for the candidates taking the test. So, they need to listen to the clip very carefully and make notes. The audio or video clips are generally of 60-90 seconds and candidates get 10 minutes to write their response in 50-70 words.

Types of PTE

PTE Academic

This exam can be taken throughout the year as per the convenience of the examinee and the dates available. The reading, writing, speaking and listening skills of the candidate are tested in this exam format. The test is given on a computer at a secure test center. The validity of marks is 2 years.

 PTE General

This test can be taken 3 times a year. May, June and December. You can check the available dates from the official website of PTE. The test consists of two parts: a written paper and an interview-like spoken test, where both parts evaluate the test taker’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills with a more realistic approach. The test format includes six different proficiency levels designed to test and validate the test taker’s general English language abilities. The score is valid for a lifetime.

PTE Young Learners

This test is designed for children 6 to 13 years old. It includes story writing, picture matching, group speaking section and board game, tec. it’s a fun test

Incorporating real life scenarios to assess the English language skills of children in a stress free manner. The score is valid for a lifetime.

Scoring of PTE

PTE Academic is scored against the Global Scale of English, a thermometer-style scale that gives you an accurate overview of your skills. The Global Scale of English aligns with a variety of popular tests and scales around the world.

A coordination table is a guide to how PTE scores relate to other test scores. We advise you to always check with the university you are applying for as to what score they require for PTE.

Your score report has several sections

  • Your personal details and photo
  • Your test registration ID and score report code.
  • your total score
  • Detailed analysis of your performance

The PTE Academic Score Report contains your overall score, communication skills score and competent skills score.

The overall score test your overall English language ability. The score is based on performance on all items in the test. The overall score range is 10-90 points.

Scores for communication skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) are all based on test items that assess these skills, either as a skill or in conjunction with other skills. The range of each communication skill score is 10-90 marks.

Scores for competent skills (grammar, verbal fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse) are based on all test items assessing one or more of these skills. Each enabled skill score ranges from 10-90 points.

Displaying scores in a graph allows you to quickly see your strengths and weaknesses, and how each skill relates to your overall performance.


Here are the Best Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali. PTE is one of the world’s leading English language computer-based aptitude tests, attended by millions of examinees and accepted by thousands of institutions. PTE is receiving a lot of candidates in recent years as it is the only English proficiency test which is completely online and is automatically assessed by computer software to avoid any human error. Also, it takes only 5 working days to get the result.

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