Free South Africa Classified Sites List 2021 – Today in the digital age, South Africa is the best source for getting traffic to advertise your website on the list of classified sites. You can increase your commercial advertising in the South Africa region and get local customers. We are providing you a free South African ad-serving website to promote our products and services. If you want to promote any new product or service then classified sites are always the best platform to promote your ads.

Always ensure that classified sites should be authentic and of higher authority. Just register on those websites and add your promotional posts on them. Now the question is, how can it help you? The answer is very simple. These websites have amazing search engine reach of good global rankings. By promoting on these sites you can easily get good backlinks from them as well as getting high-quality referral traffic.

There is no doubt that classified sites are very effective for any kind of promotion and most marketing experts and organization owners apply this method to make their product popular on search engines. Check the Under-Free South Africa Classified Sites List 2021 and start putting your product on these sites according to its category. If you have any doubt then feel free to mention under the comments section we would love to resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Best Free South Africa Classified Sites List 2021

Which are the best Free South Africa Classified Sites List 2021?

The leading free advertising platforms in South Africa based on on-site data are:

1. Gumtree

According to Alexa, is the 13th website in SA by Traffic. Gumtree offers free online classifieds that include live listings. Statistics show that 39.80% of the visitors to the site come from search, that is, 39.8% of traffic is from search. Also, in the last three months, a user spends about 8:35 minutes and sees 7.86 pages per visit on the website. Gumti’s bounce rate (single site session) is 28.80%.

Gumtree’s homepage is user-friendly and allows you to easily post free classified ads in South Africa. For sites like Gumtree in South Africa, to list an advertisement on the site, you need to create an account and log in. On the top right corner of the homepage is the “Post Free Advertising” tool.

2. Olx

OLX is the third-best in free advertising for small businesses in South Africa and is the 89th website by traffic in the country. The average time spent on the site is 3:25 minutes and the view per visit is 2.04. 39.60% of OLX visitors come from search while the bounce rate is 71.40%.

3. Ads Africa 

Advertising Africa is one of the top free advertising sites in South Africa, whose traffic, primarily (45.50%), comes from searches. The website ranks 527th in SA with a daily page interview of 13.00. A user spends about 12:10 minutes a day on the site, and the bounce rate is 13.90%.

4. Locanto

Lokonto is a popular free online advertising South Africa platform that generates up to 8:43 pages per user each day. In addition, the time the user spends on the site is 9:25 minutes per day while the bounce rate is 25.50%. Alexa’s recent rankings indicate that Lokonto is the 546th website by traffic in the country.

5. Public Ads

Public advertising is ranked sixth among free advertising sites in South Africa and currently ranked 3,141th by traffic. On average, a user spends 4:38 minutes on a website and the daily pageviews are 4.30 for each user. The single-session rate per user is 41.30%. Public advertisements also run a page on Facebook to help business owners/providers reach their goods to a wider audience.

6. Howzit

Howitz is one of South Africa’s most colorful and easy-to-use homepages among all the free classified ads in South Africa. Currently, the website is ranked No. 5,036 locally, with a daily pageview of 2.40 per user and a bounce rate of 59.70%. Averagely, a user spends 2:44 minutes per day on Howzit.

7. Booc

Booc South Africa allows users to list their ads for free in a simple way. However, the site charges extra for those who want to optimize their ads. Prices range from R5.00 to R 99.00. The site receives an average of 4.00 daily pageviews per user and has a bounce rate of 43.80%. The average daily time a user spends on Booc is 3:59 minutes. Traffic-wise, the site is number 16,573 in the country.

8. Afribaba

Afriba, the ninth-best site offers free South African advertisements for cars, pets, services, and other people’s household items. According to Alexa, Afribaba SA has the 25,881st website. The average daily pageviews per visitor is 2.70 and the daily time on site is spent in 3:46 minutes. On the other hand, the bounce rate is 39.50%.

9. Class Ads

Class ads allow you to post free advertisements in South Africa within a minute. Currently, the site is ranked 34308 in the country with a daily page-wise interview of 2.40 and bounce rate of 57.80%. On average, a viewer can spend 2:46 minutes per day on the site.

10. nichemarket

nichemarket is one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial markets in South Africa where SMEs can promote their goods and services online for free. There are no nichemarket advertisements for a person selling goods or services but are specifically designed for small businesses. You will need an approved business listing on our site and you will be able to create three free ads to run for a full month.

Get the best features with Free South Africa Classified Sites List 2021!

Classified sites have emerged for a bright future today! More and more business owners are using Free South Africa Classified Sites List 2021 as a marketing strategy to reach out to end customers at a time. However, many people in South Africa intend to search for a service or product through an online mode, which is the reason that has popularized classified sites. During the searches, it is revealed that the feature allows entrepreneurs and a service to launch their advertisements through classified portals. Before we succeed for facilities, let us know what kind of benefits a business gets.

Are you looking to promote your business?

South African business owners can create your free business listing on the nichmarket. The more information you provide about your business, the easier it will be for your customers to find you online. Registering with Nikahmarket is easy; All you need to do is follow the instructions on our sign up form.

If you need a more detailed guide on creating your profile or your listing, we highly recommend you check out the following articles.

  • How to create a quackery profile
  • How to create a quackery business listing

List of Post Free Classified Sites in South Africa Without Registration

Listed below are some of the benefits that a business can take advantage of in South Africa by posting free advertisements on free advertising post sites in South Africa, plus it will also help them to list their services and products for purchase. Here are the key features that give a classified platform for a business model:

With free South Africa classified sites anyone can list their services/products for sale. It offers a variety of categories in rent classified sites, pet classified sites, real estate classified sites, and car classified sites, and much more.

  • In South Africa, business directory sites or local business listing sites in South Africa, listings created in such sites are absolutely free of charge, which also ask for no registration fee.
  • This allows paid options so that it can increase your list.
  • Potential buyers will be able to view details with pictures without registering classified sites.
  • A business owner will be able to get in touch with their customers directly.

Know the features of South Africa classified sites which they offer for its sellers:

With locals without registration, anyone in Free South Africa Classified Sites List 2021 can create their account and add a post on websites for free. Some of the distinctive features that make it very popular and unique around the world are the following reasons:

  • Just post ads for free!

Since it allows advertising to be posted for free, some other benefits are listed below:

  • Any kind of image can be uploaded
  • It requires a title
  • YouTube channels and videos can also be added
    Allows to be kept with a description
  • Allow contact options via phone, mail, and name.
  • Keep Special Price Section
  • Manages ad profiles and devices

After a seller lists its services and products, it will be provided with a dashboard to manage ad posts in it. It features fields:

  • A post can be promoted, deleted, or edited.
  • Sellers can see the numbers and views received in their advertisements.
  • Detailed view on listing view, email reply.

List of advantages of Free Classified Ads Posting Sites List in South Africa 2021

  • Free Classifieds Options Reduces SEO Promotion Costs
  • Great ROI can be obtained by business owners from free classified deposits.
  • Local SMEs take the opportunity to produce large currencies from promotional campaigns.
  • Registering with relevant niche classified sites can bring more potential customers to your website.

How South Africa Classified Sites List 2021 offer huge traffic?

Famous free ad posting classifieds sites follow long-term links aimed at local and international promotion. Some classified ad promotion sites allot free posts for certain periods such as 3 months or 6 months and after that, you will have to renew the post or subscribe to a premium subscription.

Famous classifieds sites conduct some promotional events, through which heavy traffic will be driven towards the site. Registered users will be able to take advantage of this to post their promotional ads and get solid backlinks with heavy traffic and sales conversions.


Many digital marketing experts think that it is very easy to post free ads on classified submission sites to promote products. They feel that Internet advertisements are very expensive. So you can search many Free South Africa Classified Sites List 2021 to post your ads for free.

There are some popular classified sites around the world, such as Craigslist, but these are the only city-centric. These sites are the best option for those who want to promote your products city-wise. It is not certain that these types of websites will show your ad throughout South Africa.

The ones on which I prefer classified submission sites offer advertising options. For example keyword options, city options, client options, and also client behavior options. These free South African classified submission sites are very helpful for promoting your business online.